What Broadway Shows Are Most Popular?

After writing this blog for about a month now, I realized that I have never really gone in depth about what Broadway shows that I have thoroughly enjoyed and have seen. I also wanted to take this time to create a sort of poll for my followers on Twitter and Facebook to join in and share some of their favorite shows whether they are just movie versions or the actual live performances.

These Are A Few (Top 3) Of My Favorite Shows:

1. I think that my absolute favorite show would have to be Wicked. Considering that I have been to the show three times, it definitely is one of my favorites. I think that I enjoy this show so much because of the music, costumes, and set design. I guess you could say that I am sort of biased as well because I was a huge Wizard of Oz fan when I was little.

2. Promises, Promises: This was one of the first shows that I saw when I went to New York the summer of 2010. It was a revival of an old musical from the 60’s and based off the movie The Apartment, Starring Shirley Maclaine and Jack Lemmon. This show had two headlining stars, Sean Hayes and Kristin Chenoweth. Since I am such a Broadway person I was very excited to see this show with these two talented performers.

3. I would have to say that for the last show to be included in my top three favorite shows is Rock of Ages. I recently saw this show this past January and absolutely loved the music. For those of you who don’t know about the music behind Rock of Ages, it is basically all rock music from the 1970’s and 80’s. The creative team behind this production did a fantastic job incorporating all the classic rock songs all the way from Don’t Stop Believing to  I Wanna Rock.  I definitely recommend this show to anyone who wants to attend a rock concert!

Now that I have shared a few of my favorite musical productions let’s take a look at what people around

Here is the information regarding the Facebook poll.

Here is the information regarding the Facebook poll.

the Reno Area had to say:

2- Phantom of the Opera

1- Wicked

1-Les Mis

1- Moulin Rouge


I even had a chance to talk with some students at the University and received a handful of the following shows: Wicked, Chicago, Book of Mormon, Lion King, and Phantom of the Opera.

From both the Twitter poll and Facebook poll I have learned something new about my audience, not very many people have seen a live production of a Broadway musical or play. Theater is not the most convenient source of entertainment since you have to travel to a town that has shows playing or wait for a show to come to your town. Theater can also be expensive and since most performances take place at night, people cannot always attend. I would highly encourage if you ever get the chance to see a Broadway production -DO IT! Not only do you get a chance to appreciate the arts, but you may develop a new passion to attend more Broadway shows. Even if you don’t get a chance to see Broadway, there are plenty of awesome shows in Reno that are well worth attending.   As I have mentioned before there is the Pioneer Center, the Bruka Theater, Reno Little Theater, and even Nightingale Hall at the University of Nevada. There is always something going on.

Twitter Poll

Here is the poll information from Twitter about people’s favorite Broadway shows.

I have created a poll because I would love to see what shows are your favorites!


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